MUSICAL WORKSHOP – Contradictions and balances in improvised music | Mentor: Jaka Berger (Slo)

The workshop will raise awareness of the building blocks of sound and question the use of contradictions and the search for balance within the process of improvising and creating sound / music. We will focus on raising awareness of our own expression and the emotions that we pass on to our fellow musicians and listeners through our music making. The thematic focus of the workshop will be focused on polarities in expression, such as joy / sadness, hot / cold, light / dark, anger / peace, … and try to create a balance or a sonic experience that vibrates with the unpredictability and genius of a given moment.

Workshops can be attended by musicians of all ages, genres, levels of knowledge and experience. Artists from other fields are also invited.

The workshop is a part of the “Slow Light – Seeking Darkness” project.

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