“Unanimous” (project MAST)

MAST  DJs »Unanimous« A/V concept:

Abiral Khadka (npl) and Vasily Kusmich (ukr) 

Unanimous has now turned into something else, something bigger (in concept, at least). It is now an audio/visual representation of the whole MAST module. How it has been operating, what it aims to achieve and how it has journeyed up to this very point. A video montage of clips and pictures from our past MAST meetings, artist interviews, workshops and events with and interesting twist of visual FX. This is going to be projected on a screen behind me and my project partner while we perform a 12-15min long experimental electronic sound piece.

This visual essay is a reflection of MAST and what it stands for. The journey it has been through and what it has learned. We have seen exemplary cases where all the students and teachers share solid moments of cohesion and unanimity, which will be shown in the visual essay. MAST has taught me a lot of things that I am grateful for, so in a way, this will be my chance to express how gratified I am. And we will try our best to display this.