Andrej Fon:  guitar, saxophone, vocals, lyrics
Tadej Čauševič:  drums
Ivo Poderžaj:  bass, vocals

The Svojat trio is the new line-up led by Andrej Fon. It is a real rock ‘n’ roll band which spawned from the Slovenian post-improvisational scene and consists of Andrej Fon, Ivo Poderžaj and Tadej Čauševič. The trio formed as a classic rock trio and it is a sort of an experimental band, it’s hard do define the genre of the music they play, it flows through avant-rock, post-punk, no-wave and improvisation.

In the beginning of this year they published an album with ZARŠ and after a few listens it is clear that this is a mixture of ruthless, complex and brutally honest music in which the genre borders are non existent.  Svojat show a remarkable diversity in song writing, interesting internal turning points and storyboard, excellent musicianship and more. They say they are even more convincingly unpredictable live.

‘Yes, Slovenia has a new Triglav, a new three piece puzzle and a new excellent trio beginning its way with Radio Študent or supported by it and it is another trio that spawned from the excellent Slovenian post-improvisational scene which is globally showing excellent results.’

Dušan Bulajić, Tolpa bumov, 9. 1. 2020, Radio Študent