The Pantaloons trio first emerged as part of the Chilli Brass Band, where we – Luka Belič, David Nik Lipovac and Aljaž Markežič – also first met. Soon after one of the rehearsals for CBB, we had a jam which clearly indicated that our tenor saxophone, drums and tuba should start creating something together. The winter of 2016 brought us our first composition, which opened the door to our many other works, which are slowly filling up our repertoire. Our music smells of Balkan trumpeters’ parties with a hint of youthful London jazz scene, and is seasoned with influences of jazz, funk, breakbeat, dubstep and more. As Radio Študent’s choice for the concert tour Klubski Maraton in 2019, we got the chance to shake up the Slovenian music scene. In anticipation of our upcoming adventures, we started 2020 as INES#talents with a gig at the international music festival MENT in Ljubljana.

“Mischievous, well harmonized, but most of all always in the mood to dance, Pantaloons are one of those bands that certainly won’t leave you indifferent.” (Festival MENT)