Etceteral (Slo)

Etceteral is a new project by Boštjan Simon, Marek Fakuč and visual artist Lina Rica, in which they are exploring the boundaries of repetitive polyrhythmic music. The play of sequences and patterns are complemented by improvisational escapades through science fiction black holes. The DSI Evolver Synthesizer adapts to the tone of Simon’s saxophone seamlessly as well as Fakuč’s bass drum. In this way it appears as an interference or a third element spawning from the musical dialogue. Lina Rica with her interactive visuals takes makes all together a synesthetic experience.

Etceteral are:

Boštjan Simon, baritone saxophone and DSI Evolver

Marek Fakuč,  drums, Moog Grandmother

Lina Rica, visuals

Etceteral so:
Boštjan Simon, bariton saksofon in DSI Evolver
Marek Fakuč, bobni in Moog Grandmother
Lina Rica, vizualije