Bratko Bibič & Dedley Woodleybears (Slo/A/CZ)

Bratko Bibič (Slo) –  accordion, vocals

Paul Schuberth (A) –  accordion, vocals

Victoria Vicy Pfeil (A) –  saxophones, vocals

Tomáš Novák (CZ/A) – violin, vocals

Composer and accordionist Bratko Bibič invited 3 younger Austrian musicians to participate in a special episode of his musical creativity – Paul Schuberth (A) – accordion, vocals; Victoria (Vicy) Pfeil (A) – saxophones, vocals; Tomáš Novák (CZ/A) – violin, vocals. Bibič regularly collaborates with accordionist and composer Paul Schuberth in the 15 piece accordion orchestra  Die Wiener Ziehharmoniker since its formation in 2009 and together with accordionist Otto Lechner they are a part of the accordion Trio Fantasticus.

Together with the Dedley Woodleybears, they first performed in Slovenia in August 2015 in LJubljana, Izola, Labor and Novo Mesto (Goga Festival), twice in Vienna in 2016 as well as Germany. They concluded their series of concerts in March 2017 at the 17th Akkordeon Festival in Vienna, one of the biggest accordion festivals in Europe. They performed a concert of Bibič’s ‘imaginary film narrative’ ‘medleys’ and from the various other available pieces they used elements of avant-garde jazz, ‘new music’, experimental world music, critical labour songs and also Turkish, Slovak, Macedonian folk songs as well as improvisation.  

The performance of  Bratko Bibič & Dedley Woodleybears is a part of the release of the album ‘Hommage à cliché’  by Bratko Bibič (Klopotec 2020)


Dedley Woodleybears: »Rea Billy Tation« (Live 2015)

Dedley Woodleybears: »Winterrose« (Live 2015)

Paul Schuberth (solo): »Hommage a cliche« (Bibič) ORF Ö1-RadioCafe (+  live streaming)  (2020)

Paul Schuberth (solo): “Spompanadl” (Shuberth) (2020)

Paul Schuberth & Tomaš Novak: “Abuela latente” (Novak) (2020)