Ana Kravanja & Tea Vidmar (Slo)

Ana Kravanja – voice

Tea Vidmar – voice

Ana Kravanja and Tea Vidmar are musicians searching for a mutual voice in the space between inhaling and exhaling. They are focused on repetitive rhythmic singing, composed of simple voices, syllables, inhales and exhales, which makes the listener feel like there is a ‘third voice’ present. Besides this magic, the musicians are interested in the transitions from the sonic qualities of free improvisation into melodies of undeterminable origin. 

Ana Kravanja is a musical improviser and multi-instrumentalist. As an improviser on violin she has collaborated with many Slovenian and foreign musicians and dancers. She creates music for narration, dance, theatre, animations, and films and works as a mentor in musical workshops for adults and children.

Tea Vidmar is active in the field of street theatre, music, and vocal performances. She also performs in individual or group vocal-theatrical performances and concerts of improvised music. As a pedagogue, she teaches voice stage presence.