Originally All Strings Detached is a duet formed in 2013 by Jana Beltran (voice, guitar) and Vesna Godler (voice, bass guitar).

The first two ASD albums, ‘Heavy Rain’ (2014) and ‘There’s Something Painful about the Pearls’ (2017) were well received by the public and by the media. With a dark modern minimalism and slower tempos which defy the contemporary sonic saturation the duet established itself as a convincing, fresh voice in the Slovenian music scene.

The ‘Septet’ album follows the aesthetics of the first two albums. Their excellent choice of guest musicians, exceptional performances and complex song writing opened doors to something new. Album production and mixing was handled by Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts, The Strange). The album was recorded live with no overdubs at the BearTracks studio with Robi Bulešić.

The extended All Strings Detached line-up appearing at the XXI Sajeta consists of:

Jošt Drašler (electric bass, double bass),
Vid Drašler (drums),
Klemen Bračko (viola, string arrangements),
Barja Drnovšek (violin)
Bojan Cvetrežnik (violin)