SOUND- PUZZLE WORKSHOP | lead by Samo Svete

Relaxation is a source of satisfaction and personal creative potentials.Every person is unique and has its own potentials. Many.Through the process of assembling at “The Puzzle Workshop” we will discover and experience the relaxation value of the various unique wooden puzzles. Observation or assembling of these puzzles relaxes us, harmonizes and brings inner peace – we feel an inner change in a positive direction, open up new perspectives on the world and new invaluable insights. Coordinated activity of the brain (motor skills and intuition cooperate in finding the right pieces) … it is a brain work-out and diverts the attention from everyday worries.At the ‘Sound workshop “we will learn and experience the relaxation value of listening and playing traditional musical instruments. We investigate sound; get to know the Australian didgeridoo, African djembe drums, African kalimbo and Tibetan sound bowl. I introduce the instruments, I play them and everybody can try it too.There will be relaxed creative atmosphere which allows everyone to feel their creative potentials, to be aware of them and express them.Workshops suitable for children, adolescents and adults.