Sexual health is important part of our physical and emotional health. It indicates the ability to enjoy sexuality throughout our lives. We perceive sexuality and health as extremely important values. However, neither parents nor school thought us how to establish and maintain our sexual health.
Author of the workshop practices holistic sexuality education. As such sexuality is not understood merely as a set of sexual practices and dangers of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. Rather, it perceives sexually much broader and stresses the importance of sexual rights, the right to age and culture appropriate sexuality education and the right to health services. It stresses the importance of communication between sexual partners and the ability to experience sexual pleasure, satisfaction and intimacy.
From her set of workshops on holistic sexuality education mentor has selected a fun board game on the topic of sexually transmitted infections. Though game participants will learn curiosities from the animal world, will hear interesting historical facts, will become experts on lubricants and will be given the opportunity to express themselves. At the end all will be winners. All participants will receive a useful gift.