MUSICAL WORKSHOP/ “Listening player and playing listener”| Mentor: Riccardo La Foresta

Listening player and playing listener is a workshop addressed to musicians, non-musicians, performers, non-performers, actors, non-actors, artists, non artists, etc. It is open to anyone interested in using the body as a tool for listening and its capacity of movement in relation to sound and space.

In the psychoacoustic field, the experience of hearing is oriented toward sound sources—not the sounds themselves: if hearing is at the essence of playing and listening music, adding distance from the instrument brings the player closer to the listener, and vice versa.

Starting from the artistic practice of La Foresta, dedicated to language and vocabulary building on percussion instruments, the workshop will question the quality of listening in its broadest sense, with exercises focused on the surrounding sound environment and on the resonances of the Drummophone.

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