The Musical improvisation workshop is intended for a wide spectrum of musicians regardless of their prior musical skills or background (jazz, rock, classical, contemporary music …). During the three-day workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to discover diverse aspects of musical improvisation and its endless possibilities.
Improvisation is a part of our every day, musical and non-musical, experience; we learn our essential improvisational skills unconsciously through direct daily experience. The goal of the workshop will be to develop the feeling of familiarity with the activity that we in fact all know very well, though we tend to ignore its hidden potentials. During the workshop, we will experiment with different techniques of direct collective sound organization and analyse the well-known examples of the pioneering musicians (Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy, Anthony Braxton, Steve Coleman, Henry Threadgill, Tim Berne …) who created milestones in the history and development of improvisational music. A special emphasis will be given on how to design the necessary instrumental set for solo performances. We will start by considering specific techniques for “augmenting” the saxophone which is the focus of Bittolo Bon’s current creative efforts.
Rutarjeva 5, (Torni’s hall), Tolmin