Photo by Goran Jevtić

Creative voice workshop by Elisa Ulian


Vocal experimentation workshop to discover the unexpressed potentiality of voice through technique exercises, breathing, listening, singing, creativity and improvisation.

The workshop starts on Wednesday at 14 am and ends on Saturday at 18 am with the presentation on the main stage.

lntended for anyone interested in singing, experimenting, and knowing more about voice.

Over the Centuries human beings have evolved by seeking out new vocal techniques that make voice more and more intellectual and less instinctive. A working group to rediscover the voice roots and break away f or a moment from the head to listen once more to the “belly” sound, to research sounds that speak about who we are and vibrate with the body. Ancestral sounds related to the human instinctual animal that expresses, sings, screams, cries, laughs, sighs.

Elisa Ulian, musician and experimental singer.

She has been working for years in the vocal experimentation and research field. A graduate in piano, she was worked as a pianist accompanying singers, as a vocalist, a choir master and vocal coach since she was young.

In 2007 she began studies at the School of Modern Music in Lugano (Switzerland) attending the course ‘VocalSound’ held by Anna Bacchia, doing further research with her in vocal experimental work, new cognitive approaches and bioresonance. In the same year she strated to collaborate with the trio vocal group ‘Vocinconsuete’ with whom she made and recorded MILADISE project involving vocal traditions, experimentation and improvisation.

She has taken part in performances and workshops with various jazz and experimental artists and musicians including : Phil Minton, Ute Wassermann, Sainkho Namtchylak, Saadet Türköz, Tristan Hönsinger, Evan Parker, Johannes Bauer, Ab Baars, Joëlle Léandre, Trevor Watts, Zlatko Kaucic, Paul Rogers, Seijiro Murayama, Bobby McFerrin, Albert Hera, Daniele D’Agaro, Giovanni Maier, Francesco Cusa, Edoardo Maraffa, Gianni Lenoci, Marco Colonna, Francesco Massaro, Arrington De Dyoniso, Michael Delia, Havan Hees, Nina Faric, Enrica Bacchia, Matteo Belli, Mauro Costantini, Giorgio Pacorig, Cristiana Fusillo, Claude Coldy, Denis Biason, Luigi Vitale, Armando Battiston.She sings in various experimental bands in Italy and abroad and teaches vocal courses and holds workshops.