MUSHROOMS AND EDIBLE PLANTS (GREEN WALK)| lead by: Samo Svete in Katarina Apostolides

Nature gives us its gifts throughout the year. We only need to recognize them. Such foods contain much more vitamins, minerals, and mineral than grown or purchased vegetables. Local wild superfoods!
The workshop begins with an introduction to fungi and plants, their role on our planet and interconnectedness. We will also emphasize their sensitivity to human behavior and consider the possible actions of nature conservation of each person.
Followed by a walk through the nearby meadows and forests and harvesting of all species found. When we return, we will classify all picked mushrooms and plants into 4 groups – edible, conditionally edible (what is the condition for each?), toxic and healing. We will write down their names and qualify the protected species. Meanwhile, the group of participants will already be cutting and preparing the plants and mushrooms for the meal. We will make a meal together on the fire in the kettle.
Bring a basket (full of curiosity)!