LITERARY WORKSHOP – MENDRAJNE | lead by Association NIT, mentor: Petra Rovšček


Is, at the lack of a better word to translate ‘mendrajne’, what once was an expression for making things up. ‘Mendrajne’ was an old custom, part of the ancient faith, from times before the Christianity took complete hold of our hills. And that time was not so long ago as one could imagine. The old faith was not so much a religion than it was a way of living, as Pavel Medvešček, the author of the book that describes these old customs (which could roughly be translated as ‘From the invisible side of the sky’), often underlines.

This particular event (mendrajne) happened when older single men gathered at one place, had a few drinks and started inventing imaginary stories. Wherever one finished, the other picked up. Their daydreaming took unpredictable and incredible turns and could easily measure up to science-fiction movies.

We will try something similar between the river and fire along with the sonic ambient at this year daydreaming workshop at 20th Sajeta festival.

I will be expecting you on Tuesday, July 2nd, at 6 p.m. on the bank of the Tolminka river.

Mentor: Petra Rovšček