LITERARY WORKSHOP – dedicated to poet, writer, singer, musician, and performer Ivan Volarič-Feo | lead by Asociation NIT

Literary workshop on Sajeta 2018 will be dedicated to poet, writer, singer, musician and performer Ivan Volarič-Feo, who would celebrate his 70th anniversary this year. Feo was a regular and very creative collaborator of Sajeta, which is the reason that we remember him with special affection. The participants of our workshop will read and discuss his poetry and prepare a short culture contribution which we will present publicly on the last day of the festival. Furthermore, we will collect and select the most juicy and delicious anecdotes of his days on our planet that we can find, which will be issued in a memorial booklet. We’ll start on Tuesday, July 5th at 10 am on the bank of Tolminka River. See you there!