• Tibetan exercises: to increase body warmth, speed-up the blood flow, balance your breathing, stimulate the concentration of the body and the mind
  • Chinese morning exercises (aka “Happy communists”): exercises rooted in the martial arts of the east.
  • breathing exercises/visualization: various principles of breathing exercises and the basics of meditation; becoming aware of the breathing itself, observing the breathing during the exercises
  • waking up the body—a movement into space; guided improvisation by discovering your own movement patterns and by interpersonal perception and cooperation; building the repertoire for a movement sequence on a pre-determined theme
  • the principles of forming a movement sequence; composing and varying over the improvised materials learned during the dance workshop; a path towards building a movement miniature
    The instructor reserves the right to lead and modify the seminar according to the online participation, feedback and the level of the participants’ knowledge.