DANCE WORKSHOP “MY MOVEMENT, MY VOICE” I Mentor: Zala Erznožnik Podreka

My movement, My voice – a concept

by Zala Erznožnik Podreka

This workshop is intended for all those who wish to get to know themselves on a physical level, as movement performers/dancers and who wish to connect with their inner creative voice. At my workshop I will invite the participants into a space and time where we will define movement, dance and voice and interpret it in our own way. We will be exploring our body and its capabilities and limits as well as open doors  to new movement patterns, new ways of controlling the body. We will take the time to listen to our body as a whole (physical, psychological, emotional).

We will look for inspiration in nature, touch, in ourselves and in others and express our impressions through our voices and movement/dance. It is a disconnection of the head and mind, releasing of the tension and stress and a dive into ourselves. Playing with our inner child, our imagination, folly and fun with other participants. 
The main method is improvisation, open and guided. individual work, work in pairs, groups. 

The workshop will be located indoors, but also outside in nature. We will also be using some kind of stereo system for music while working indoors.
No prior knowledge of dance, music, etc. is required, only an open mind and a willingness to explore.

The number of participants is limited to 12, ages 15 and above. Application FORM

Zala Erznožnik Podreka

About me:               

I have been working in the field of various types of expression all my life. In my youth I was working with puppet theatre and music, followed by expressive and modern dance. I have many years of dance and theatre performance experience at various events and productions in Slovenia and abroad. I have come into contact with different dance and expression techniques, from contact improvisation, partnering, to techniques of moving across the floor and through space. I finished my education in Germany, where I finished my studies in movement, improvisation, dance and performance arts. Since then I have also been working with the body through massage, I gained my knowledge at the school for Thai massage in Thailand