FILM GUERRILLA (short format, with any useful tools) or with HEAD CAMERA | lead by: SRĐAN ĐURANOVIĆ (SRB)

Today anyone can make (record) a film. A fancier telephone and a computer made in this century should suffice. With the help of internet, you can even distribute it easily.
The aim of this workshop is to learn how to make a short film as good as possible.
You will learn the basics of film theory and practice: how to make shots, how to combine them appropriately, hot to set the light, how to film with entirely automatic cameras and how to make everything look good. To make a long story short, it is a short lecture about a guerrilla-style approach to filmmaking and how to use anything we find around us to make and launch a film. The workshop lasts all four festival days.
The topics and contents of your films should capture the happening at Sajeta; either as a documentary film or by simply following the performing artists and visitors. On the other hand, a completely independent approach is welcome, where we will focus on certain completely fictional events. The key point is to react in due time with anything you have with you at the particular moment to record something and to make a sense out of it. Something that will not end being just any internet mobile phone video, but a real mini, few minutes long film.
See you!