CREATIVE GOURD ART WORKSHOP | lead by Anže in Todora Rogelja

Photo by Goran Jevtić

We will go on a journey through history until the moment when man first cultivated a plant – the decorative pumpkin or gourd. Once, decorative pumpkins were not a decorative but practical, useful plants that people transformed into containers, bowls or pots for everyday use. Over the time, gourds got replaced with newly discovered materials, such are glass, iron, and plastic, so their use was forgoten. Almost! On the workshop, through work with pumpkins we revive forgotten strings with the past and strengthen our contact with nature.
For children age 6-12 years, we recommend one-day mushroom making workshops. For the rest of the participants, we prepared two-day workshop for making bowls, which you take with you after the workshop. Trough practical work with the gourds, we will get familiar with the basic techniques of preparation, design, drawing and protection.

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Workshops for children: from Wednesday to Saturday (04.07. – 07.07) 11 – 13hWorkshops for adults: Wednesday and Thursday (04.07. and 05. 07.) 11 – 13h
Friday and Saturday (06.07. and 07.07) 11 – 13hGourds and tools will be supplied.
Workshops are free of charge. For use of materials 10 eur will be collected.

Material for kids workshop is free of charge.Workshops are led by Anže and Todora Rogelja