AUDIO WORKSHOP | SOUNDS AND minisounds| instructor: Boštjan Leskovšek (Slo)

Audio workshop – SOUNDS AND minisounds

We will work on how to record and what to record with simple recorders and those slightly more complex. We will experiment with microphone (small and bigger ones) positioning, on the ground and under water, we will try to find the places to put the microphones in and choose the locations. We will listen to the weird sounds of our bodies, the nature, and to the artificial ones. We will amplify and distort them and finally publish them on Soundcloud.

The workshop is free of charge and will take place at Sotočje (military tent).

Boštjan Leskovšek

Boštjan Leskovšek is a poet and a sound artist. He is the cofounder of the association Cirkulacija 2 and is also one of the participants in the long lasting NanoŠmano project that addresses the relationship between arts and science.