“RECISCENA” – the scenography of the festival site with recycled materials | instructor: Marko A. Kovačič

The workshop is designed as recycling-lighting installation and is conceived as a collage of different materials and objects. We will deal with different problems of stage-lighting in connection with personal poetics and group work. The installation will lead to physical and lighting unification of the festival site and will therefore also have its applicative side apart from the artistic one.

The goal is to let the participants see how different stage-lighting interactively affects the space and how we can with various transparent materials change the effects of light when put in front of a source of light. We will design and create diverse light objects and light installations from various materials.

The participants will collaborate actively on the entire process; from designing to performance of materials and will “light-up” the festival site of Sajeta.

The workshop will be lead by Marko A. Kovačič, a sculptor, multimedia artist and a member of Lighting Guerrilla at StripCore Ljubljana.