AUDIO TEHNOLOGICAL WORKSHOP | instructors: Boštjan Leskovšek & Theremidi Orchestra & Sara Bizara (Slo)

During the Sound workshop, we will learn the procedures and principles of field recordings with small recorders and microphones. We will try to find interesting sources of sound (air, water, and ground) and record them. In addition, we will use any resonators we can find such as plastic bottles, glasses, bottles, cans etc. At the end of the day, we will listen to the recordings and join the jam with Theremidi Orchestra in the evening. Participation at the workshop is free of charge. The exact contents of the workshop are flexible and open to suggestions.

Instructor: Boštjan Leskovšek (ROR)

Theremidi Orchestra presents: Make your own LFO (Low-Frequency Oscillator)
Instructors: Theremidi Orchestra (Simon Bergoč, Ida Hiršenfelder, Tilen Sepič, Saša Spačal and Tina Dolinšek)
Theremidi Orchestra

The members of the audiovisual noise community Theremidi Orchestra (TO) create their own experimental sound devices and therefore promote the DIY approach instrument making. Up until now, the group has developed three such instruments which exploit electrical changes when touched or in contact with water, body, light, distance etc. These devices go by the following names: “Dotični Tone” (“TouchToney”)—a synthesizer responding to the resistance of touch, MicroNoise—responding to light, and Theremini responding to proximity with no contact. In order to improve the sound image of these instruments, the participants will create a low-frequency oscillatory (LFO). The oscillator can be used as a musical effect for widening the frequency spectrum, linking the instruments, generating controlled rhythms, enabling their fast interchange and a more precise tonality. The workshop is intended for all DIY enthusiasts, experimental musicians and wider audience regardless of age or prior knowledge.

At the workshop, we will get familiar with the field of wearable electronics. We will create simple circuits with LED diodes and try to combine them with everyday accessories. We will start by creating a simple brooch with LED diodes; however, you may embellish any other accessory or clothing you like. The sky is the limit. Bring your own materials and ideas for adding colourful lights to your daily routine: together we will hack the casual. No prerequisites are required in order to participate.
Instructor: Sara Bizara, a member of the more feminine technology group “Čipke”.