ACROYOGE I Mentors: Vesna Kuralt, Sara and Tanja Kovačič

Acro yoga is a physical practice that combines elements of yoga and acrobatics. At the workshop, we will learn about its essentials – how to be a stable base, a lightweight and agile alec, and a reliable “spotter”. Throughout the game, we will develop muscle strength, mobility, and balance. At the workshop we will learn simple, static positions, which we will later connect to the movement through the air. The acro yoga workshop is suitable for all ages, including children. The workout will be tailored for various pre-knowledge of yoga practice, single or steam.

What do you need? Comfortable clothing, without pockets and clad, and water and lining.

Where? At the Confluence, somewhere in the shade.

When? Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 10:30

What don’t you need? Pre-knowledge and training partner.