Do you want to be a part of the Sajeta Art and Music Festival creative crew? Become a volunteer at the festival! We will need some help with various tasks to make the organization of the festival and its’ concerts in Tolmin, Slovenia run smoothly:

  •  Technical/physical work: you will help to set up and to close the festival and concert site at Sotočje, Tolmin, Slovenia (before, during and after the festival).
  • Create: You can also participate in aesthetic editing of the venue. Volunteers, for example, help to make the ashtrays, participate in the visual editing of the bar, trash bins etc. Creativity and self-ideas are welcome.
  • Assistance in directing and informing visitors.
  • Volunteers are also in charge of short rounds of the camp, during which they inspect to see if all tents are correctly marked. Any violations are then reported to the security services.
  • Other: cleaning and maintaining the festival, workshop and concert site (during and after the festival), etc.           

Of course, these tasks are arranged by several volunteers, so that you have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful environment and relax in the evening at concerts. In exchange for your time, you get a ticket for all the events, camping option, daily meal, drinks. And above all, new experiences, new acquaintances, new opportunities.

Become part of the Sajeta team and apply for volunteer, up to and including 3. 7. 2022 here:

//? become a volunteer?//

For further information, you can also contact us at office@sajeta.org.