MiCS is a culturally, musically, and ethnically diverse enterprise, spanning the three Alp Adriatic countries Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia.

MiCS is a cultural initiative dedicated to the development of cultural activities in the rural peripheries, creating and positioning synergies between the cultural sphere and nature, the environment, and climate change across borders in the Alp Adriatic region. The project raises awareness for culture and social responsibility through an artistic lens. 

Traditional singing workshop at Hrelji 45, 2022, photo by: Hannah Krisper

They are working across borders, reaching deep into the periphery. Geographically, they democratize the cultural process by shaping their artistic worlds outside major cities, bringing international artists to rural audiences and creating platforms for cultural dialogue, merging genres and practices ranging from traditional and experimental music and performance to applied research and publishing, utilizing media and technology to broaden their outreach. Central aspects include the creation and upholding of new synergies and platforms for young and lesser-known talents along with international musical actors, generating sustainable networks for the future. Good practices include fair pay and conditions for all involved, open access for people with disabilities and from all backgrounds, internal and external partner groups’ commitment to mutual support, collaboration, and transparency. 

Music in the country side is a product of international cooperation between three partners; Enterprise Klanghaus Untergreith/Austria, Mani DOO/Croatia, and the organizer of the Sajeta festival, Mink Tolmin Association/Slovenia. They have in common cultural activities in a space on the outskirts of rural areas. The former is located in the rural southern part of Austrian Styria, the latter is located in the central part of Croatian Istria, and the last in the remote Soča Valley of Slovenia. In 2022, the events that each of them organized in their home environment were integrated into a joint project MiCS, and thus ensured the achievement of the above goals. The project is supported by the EU’s, Music Moves Europe program, and the Alps-Adria program.