Useful info

Festival info:

  • SAJETA XXIV WILL RUN FROM 5. 7. TO 9. 7. 2023!
  • TICKETS: Pre-sale tickets can be provided through this page. Pre-sale has already started and will take place until and including 3. 7. 2023. After that date, tickets will be available at the entrance from 2 p.m. to 1 a.m.
  • PROGRAM: Coming soon…
  • FAMILY FESTIVAL: We are pleased to see that more and more visitors are families with children. As we try to grow with you, we will pay even more attention this year to the program for our youngest.
  • WORKSHOPS: An indispensable part of Sajete is a variety of workshops we prepare for you every year. You can learn about this year’s selection for adults and children //coming soon…//.
  • MARKET: If you are already creative and want to present your products and make money with them, you have this opportunity at Sajeta. Read more about the terms and conditions here.
  • WIFI: Free wifi will be provided to visitors in the festival area and a place where you can recharge the batteries of your appliances.
  • DRINKING WATER: It is available throughout the venue and camp at the marked places.
  • FOOD: You’ll have the chance to eat at the scene in the afternoon. Food and restaurant shops are available in Tolmin, which takes you a 10-minute walk from the Confluence area.
  • ACCOMMODATIONS DURING THE FESTIVAL: As always, there will be a designated camping area, with the required commodities. Camping is not included in the ticket price you pay it separately at the entrance.

Pay attention:

  • BRACELETS CHECKS: The beach where our main venue is located will be open to all by 6:00 p.m. Last year, when we first introduced this system, everything went smoothly and did not affect the visitor experience. Please note, that between 18:00 and 19:00, there will be checkups of the presence of bracelets. In the meantime, we ask for understanding and cooperation. The paid entrance fees allow us to offer you a quality program!
  • ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS: Part of the idea of Sajete is also a connection with nature, which means respect and preservation of the environment. This also reflects in visitors and we can commend you for leaving the least rubbish compared to other festivals. To stay that way, or better yet, we will allocate enough bins and ashtrays, and we will start introducing changes to reduce the usage of plastic packaging. And urge you to dispose of waste and cigarettes in a dedicated place. Let’s do our best to leave The Confluence in the same condition we got it!
  • DOGS are welcome at the festival if they are on a leash. You are required to clean up after them.
  • SWIMMING in the river at your own risk!
  • Bringing GLASS onto the beach is prohibited.
  • OPEN FIRES are prohibited at the venue.

Foreign visitors:

  • Currency: Euro.
  • Border Formalities: Slovenia is in the Schengen Area, so there are no checks at the border crossings with Italy, Austria, and Hungary. To enter Slovenia from Croatia, it is sufficient to have a passport or an identity document if the visit does not last more than three months.
  • Visas: If you need a visa to enter Slovenia, you can obtain one from the Slovenian consular mission in your country.
  • Mobile Phones: The two most developed networks are those of Mobitel and Simobil. You can buy a Slovenian SIM card or a prepaid phone, for as little as EUR 10.
  • Mains Voltage: The mains voltage is 230 V. Due to the numerous models of sockets, it is easiest for you if you bring your adapter with you.

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