Producers, DJs, club promoters and queer activists Nina Hudej and NinaBelle are recognized and creative co-creators of the current Ljubljana music scene. Their political charge, activist enthusiasm, the active co-creation of the club scene and the reactions to phenomena in modern society are wrapped in the fabric of their prodigious electronic project Warrego Valles. After last year’s breakthrough Botox debut, the artists have announced the second long-run edition of Save As, and on the creative level they went even higher. Playful DJs and producers are distinguished by the intense exploration of side runs of club and experimental electronic music, and an immense passion for developing self-expression. In a unique interweaving of sounds and styles, they are balanced with rhythm and melody, with dance beats, experimental games and melodic inserts, they tune the tension and trigger relaxation, and they are pushing for engagement and responsiveness.

WEB: Warrego Valles