Villalog is a trio that draws inspiration from the rich treasury of psychedelic music from the early seventies. Krautrock and its derivatives are the basis of their creativity, which is especially reflected in the live performances where compositional control is frequently upgraded with the improvisational freedom. The band was established in 1999 by Michi Duscher (guitar) and Marc Muncke (electronics), later they were joined by drummer Bernhard Fleischmann (he performed solo at Sajeta in 2006), who also produced their last album. So far, they released four albums: Villalog (2003), Zwei (2007), Cosmic Sister (2009) and Space Trash (2014). With sound and expressive breadth on the issued albums they showed considerable creative potential. That ranks them among the harder genre-identifiable bands and ensures unpredictable sound trips in the live performances. The last album (Space Trash), released with German label Klangbad, was recorded in the Faust studio owned by Hans Joachim Irmler (he performed at Sajeta with Gudrun Gut in 2015), who also signed as a co-producer of the work.
Their concert at Sajeta 2017 will be VILLALOG’s first performance in Slovenia.