TRANS Quartet (SLO)

Trans Quartet is the project of a self-taught musician Aleš Valentinčič, who is developing his musical abilities from an early age. Aleš Valentinčič AKA Brdonč, has been appearing in several ensembles, which were all flirting with the boundary music. Trans Quartet is basically an upgrade of his Brdonč Trans Trio. The author himself marked the Trans Quartet music as ‘progressive disharmonic experimental jazz-murder’ ‘. The final product is a mixture of diverse musical spices and eyewitnesses say, that the live music provides a true gourmet experience!
Trans Quartet will perform in the section ” local-global ” at the opening night of the central Sajeta musical program on Wednesday, 5th July.

Trans Quartet are:
Boštjan Simon – saxophone ( Litošt, ex-Trus!, Velkro…)
Aleš Valentinčič AKA Brdonč – guitar (Link der Wasser, Mojo Hišni band…)
Matjaž Bajc – bass ( Koromač, Kombo Zlatka Kaučiča, Alchemical Playgrounds…)
Marko Lasič – drums ( Alchemical Playgrounds, ex-Trus!…)