TiTiTi &Marina Džukljev (Slo/Srb)

In cooperation with Zavod SPLOH cycle of DECENTRALIZATION.

Jure Boršič − alto sax, clarinet
Jošt Drašler – double bass
Vid Drašler − drums
Guest: Marina Džukljev – piano

An endless improvised jazz braid; Boršič and two Drašlers, saxophone, bass, and drums, the well-known faces of the Slovenian improvised and free jazz scene have merged into a triangular derivative of a bigger band Oholo! The jazz braid, fueled from the moment, steadily meanders between tradition and freedom, wanders deep, floats lightly, and sounds benevolent. In 2022, they finally released their first album Štafelaj (Easel) heavily influenced by the great Slovenian painter Jože Tisnikar. It featured poet Tomislav Vrečar and Serbian pianist Marina Džukljev.

In addition to musicology, Jošt Drašler also studied double bass at the Regional Conservatory in Klagenfurt with Prof. Uli Langthaler. Recently, he has been intensively involved in the fields of contemporary music practices with an emphasis on free improvisation, an interest in risk potentials, and their natural development, which generates unpredictable sound textures. He regularly attends and organizes workshops on free improvised music (Brda Contemporary Music Festival, Raziskava – Refleksija, Monday’s Rojišča, Mariboring, 4 States Sessions, Improcon, etc.). He plays with a wide variety of musicians from a wide variety of genres and supra-genre milieus. His broad understanding of music transcends a variety of genre frameworks from free jazz, and freely improvised music, to avant-rock and flamenco.

Vid Drašler is from Bistrica ob Sotli, where he played in the jazz-rock band Zmajev rep and in an alternative rock band Malik. His next peaks were jazz-oriented Balžalorsky – Drašler trio and the free jazz trio Drašler – Karlovčec – Drašler, in which louder improvisation does not mean less clarity. He also participated in several theater projects and with Zlatko Kaučič’s Combo, with which he studied for four years. He is also active as a music pedagogue and co-designer of music events in Vrhnika and the engine of an improvisation workshop there.
He has also collaborated with musicians such as Zlatko Kaučič, Vitja Balžalorsky, Jošt Drašler, Marko Karlovčec, Andrej Boštjančič, Andrej Fon, Tomaž Grom, Cene Resnik, Kaja Draksler, Mario Rechtern, Linda Sharrock, Petr Zelenka, Samo Kutin, Tao G Vrhovec Sambolec …

Jure Boršič is a saxophonist of the youngest generation, working between Ljubljana and the Vrtojba Creative Zone. He blows, bites, squeaks, and squeals in the bands Koromač, Oholo !, TiTiTi, Kombo B, Bootleg Unit, Shoe & Shoelace, Niemoy, Orchestra Brez Meja / Senza Confini, and on ad hoc improvised occasions. A never-to-be jazz saxophone student has recently been devoting himself to preparations on his instrument, and he is also a part of the organizing teams of the Fri-Fru-Fra concert cycle and the Improbiro festival.

Marina Džukljev is a pianist from Novi Sad (Serbia). She is an active performer in the field of classical, contemporary music, improvisation, and applied music. Her engagement with improvised music began in free improvisation in collaborations with musicians such as: Diatribes, Urs Leimgruber, Tomaž Grom, Joel Grip, Albert Markos, Szilard Mezei, Yedo Gibson, Vasco Trilla, John Dikeman, Vid Drašler, Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson, Andrej Fon, Isabelle Duthoit, Reka Kutas, Peter Ajtai, Jaka Berger, Robert Roža, Marko Karlovčec, Igor Čubrilović, Manja Ristić, Herman Muntzing, and many others.

Her performances were recorded and broadcast by such public radio and television networks as: RTS Digital, Radio Belgrade 3, and Radio Novi Sad. She also has a long-standing collaboration with the Ujvideki Szinhaz Theatre in Novi Sad. She has performed in festivals all across Europe: the Novi Sad Jazz Festival, the International Festival of Actual Music Interzone, Swiss Music Days in Serbia, FonoBudaiZenehaz (Budapest), the Festival of non-aligned Comics Novo Doba [Eng. New Era], Confine Aperto, 4 State Session, and ImproCon. She is a regular performer in Improvised Music Concerts ImprovE (Belgrade) and Improstor (Novi Sad). She is a member of the quartet, septet, tenet, and the large ensemble of the composer and violist Szilard Mezei, with whom she has recorded and published music over the many years of collaboration. She is an active member of duos Jaka Berger/Marina Džukljev and ManjaRistić/Marina Džukljev, and trios Džukljev/Berger/Poderžaj and Mezei/Trilla/Džukljev.