The Hunting Dogs duo was born in 2013 after Alba Nacinovich and Marco Germini met during the jazz studies at the Conservatoire of Trieste and “smelled” a common propensity towards wider musical horizons. Marco brings his experience in electronic and film music, Alba brings her rock roots and a songwriter’s approach, while they borrow the freedom of playing with sounds from jazz. That’s how their “electro-shocked pop” comes to life. They perform it live using the live-looping technique and some electronic and acoustic instruments (modular synthesizer, drum machine, guitar, keyboards, percussions, harmonizer, etc.). Living between London and Udine, they are now recording the new album.

Alba Nacinovich – voice, harmonizer, guitar, percussions, live looping
Marco Germini – keyboards, modular synthesizer, percussions, samples, live looping