Tatsuru Arai is a Japanese Sound Visual Artist and composer, living in Berlin. He studied composition at music college in Tokyo and at Hochshule für Music Hanns Eisler in Berlin. His works were performed in Germany, UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, France, Argentine, Mexico, Japan, etc. His innovative contemporary Opera ‘Vitruvian’ was performed in Berlin and London.
His main artistic theme is ‘TRANS-AGES MUSIC’, the integration of classical music and new technology, and the aesthetics of ‘geometric structure’, presentation of the fundamental physical nature of the universe in the form of perceptible experiences.
At Sajeta Art and Music Festival he will perform with Sound-Visual live set from his new algorithm system ‘Hyper Serial Music’. ‘Hyper Serial Music’ is a milestone in the history of music technology, that will add innovation to the three-point principle of Serialism (“structural”, “complex” and “noisy”), since it is the algorithm music, not only generated by native human intelligence, but by state-of-the-art technology such as Artificial Intelligence also. This allows the even use of 1728 tones instead of only the traditional 12 tones.

WEB: http://www.tatsuruarai.com/

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/arai.tatsuru