Tapan is a Belgrade duo consisting of the resident of the club 20/44 Nebojša Bogdanović (Schabe) and Goran Simonoski, one of the co-founders of Dis-patch festival and producer behind former musical projects Belgradeyard Sound System i Piece of Shh, and a numerous collaborations in the field of theater and applied music also. Since the middle of the nineties, both producers are indispensable ingredients of Belgrade nightlife and now they join forces to use their rich musical experience in muttualy creative act, through the production of songs for the TAPAN project.
They released four EP’s and one LP so far. „Volumes“ came out at the end of 2015. for the label Crimes Of The Future whose owner is Scott Fraser. Although the authors did not think so far when they produced their first works, today Tapan it’s a real band, a quartet that best builds links between electronic music, jazz improvisation and characteristic Balkan pulse but universal percussive orientalism as well.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tapanbg/