Samo Kutin (1982), instrumentalist and a teacher, is known for his use of unconventional and homemade instruments. Beside performing in diverse improvisational and ethno groups he also explores the unusal sound potential of the medieval Hungarian instrument called hurdy gurdy (sol album Plovilo, 2015 has had many positive critics). In the last three years he has had around 200 performances in Slovenia and abroad (duet Najoua, Širom, Samo Kutin – solo, Samo Gromofon…) and more than 150 workshops for adults and children, which feature folk and improvisation music and the presentation of folk and homemade instruments. He writes music for fairy tales, animations, dance performances, he collaborates with several musicans: Tomaž Grom, Andrej Fon, Ana Kravanja, Jean – Luc Guionnet, Noid, Sylvia Bruckner, Boris Baltschun, Daichi Yoshikawa and others.

WEB: Samo Kutin