Born in the seventies, he already started collecting records as a child, generally fascinated by musical equipment and instruments. His passion for music led him to djing lots of genres, from Balkans to Dub, from World Music through Jazz, Funk, and Soul to all varieties of Electronic Music. His DJ sets are known to be spontaneous and eclectic, dissolving genres into a groove-orientated, danceable journey through the world of music. He was a resident DJ at Klagenfurt’s infamous underground location „Mellow Lounge“ or the „Russian Style Diskoteka“ series in Graz and performed in Austrian clubs like Postgarage, PPC, Flex, Ost-Club or on festivals like „Fragole on Air“ in Trieste, „Geschichtsforum 89|09“ and „Theaterformen“ in Berlin. Since 2020 he has been involved in PSI Music, a label focused on the production of high-quality video & audio releases across diverse musical genres.

As „Serac“ he is producing electronic music between Ambient and Techno and has recently released two EPs on the Spanish label Diffuse Reality Records.