Random Logic – Miha Klemenčič and Gregor Zemljič – are regarded as the pioneers of Slovene contemporary electronic and ambient techno music. Starting out in the nineties, they were keeping up with and ahead of the times, their distinctive sound establishing them in the international techno scene. Random Logic’s critically acclaimed first album Numrebs (Tehnika label, 2001), which defined their musical expression based on mathematical theory, numbers, algorithms and combinatorics, received an award given by Radio France International in 2002 for the best electronic project in Central and Eastern Europe. They were also awarded with a Boomerang Award for the best live techno act in Slovenia. Their creative efforts in the following decade turned mainly towards the production of music for theater, various performances and film, yet their meticulous musical research never ceased. Random Logic’s new material is going to be released in the 2014 under the name π. The new album explores the sonic expression of duration and is formed as a single continuous set. Π addresses music as the art of time and seeks an attentive listener wishing to benefit from hearing imperfect and unrepeatable sounds caught in loops.
Their forthcoming album π featurs video art created by Gašper Milkovič Biloslav in Marko Vivoda – Izland

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