Live In Sharjah

‘PRAED’ is a line-up founded in 2006 by Raed Yassin (Lbn) and Paed Conca (Ch). Its music  includes many influences, from Arabian popular music, across free jazz to modern electronics. The group is musically extremely interesting and has been appearing at numerous international festivals all over the world. Many collaborations with established musicians proved it is an interesting musical project and all this resulted in the ‘Praed Orchestra’ project, which includes 13 musicians. 

The sound of ‘Praed’ is the result of researching the landscape of Arabian popular music (‘Shaabi’) and connecting it to modern ‘western’ musical sub-genres like free jazz, space jazz, prog rock etc. The end result is a hypnotic mixture of oriental sounds with a strong influence from modern improvised music. 

In this extended edition under the name PRAED ORCHESTRA, the group performed for the first time on November 3d 2018 in Sharjah (UAE). Besides the two regular members,  Nadah el Shazly, Maurice Louca, Hans Koch, Martin Küchen, Christine Kazairan, Ute Wassermann, Alan Bishop, Radwan Moumneh , Sam Shalabi, Michael Zerang and Khaled Yassine participated in the project.

Recordings of the fantastic concert were released in Novembre 2020 on a triple LP under the Morphine Records label from Berlin. 

The entire video recording of the performance will be screened for the first time as a  Sajeta Art & Music Festival  and   Morphine Records  co-production as a part of the SAJETA CONTINUUM online events.

Praed Orchestra are:

Paed Conca: Clarinet, Electric Bass, Electronics
Raed Yassin: Synthesizers, Vocals, Electronics
Alan Bishop: Alto Saxophone, Vocals
Nadah El Shazly: Vocals, keyboard, Electronics
Christine Kazarian: Electric Harp
Hans Koch: Bass Clarinet, Soprano Sax
Martin Kuchen: Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Sax
Maurice Louca: Keyboard, Organ
Radwan Ghazi Moumneh: Buzuk, Vocals, Modular Synthesizer
Sam Shalabi: Electric Guitar, Oud
Ute Wassermann: Vocals, Mouth Harp, Whistles
Khaled Yassine: Drums, Percussion, Darbuka
Michael Zerang: Drums, Percussion