PoiL (Fra)

With Antoine Arner, Boris Cassone and Guilhem Meier no joke! We have a repair with the inelastic and inexorable French trio PoiL from Lyon. Of course we can refer to references such as Frank Zappa, Frederico Chopin, Etron Fou Le Loublan, Charlie Chaplin, Art Zoyd, Igor Stravinsky, Henry Cow, György Ligeti. Also Primus, Mr. Bungle, Battles, Einstürzende Neubauten, Guapo, Ruins, Kayo Dot, miRthkon and many others belong to this package of references. Of course, we can put PoiL in the heavy-avant-punk-jazz-RIO-rock-progressive chain, but what do all these drum names and links serve for us? What is the purpose of such a thing at all? To heat as wide a circle of ears as possible? To catapult into orbit another sensation of the jubilee XX. Sajeta? Yes…? None of this. All of this is really in one way or another connected with PoiL, which has enough patterns and even more leverage for the vomiting of unbridled and unpredictable pieces of irreconcilable and irrepressible music. Even with the six-year-old album Sus, PoiL failed to let down his adventurous mouse on the power of rock in the opposition. Anyone who has met with three unreliable ones could not hide the surprise, let alone the enthusiasm that lasts and continues. Who is next to bury this troubled musician and the virtuous composers without borders and stereotypes?

Antoine Arnera – keyboards, vocals
Boris Cassone – bass, vocals
Guilhem Meier – drums, vocals