PHON.O (Ger)

Photo by Goran Jevtić @Sajeta

The boy with the dot in his name started to play records in the early 90s, while still living at the country farm. In 1997 he moved to Berlin and started to create his own “music”, in 2000 he published his first release “Modul” (Cytrax). During his studies of Communication Design at the Kunsthochschule Berlin, he did some video, graphic, and sound artworks. At the turn of the millennium he joined Shitkatapult and his music at the time was greatly influenced by them. In 2005 he appeared under The Bareback Show, a collaborative project with Example: 2 DJs, 4 decks, locked groove records only. In 2005 he also released his new, dirty full-length masterpiece “Burn Down The Town” (Shitkatapult and Tigerbeat6). In 2006 he joined forces with Chris De Luca under the name CLP. They played in clubs all over Europe and worldwide and published several remixes and original releases together. This unconventional combination of intergalactic hip hop, ghetto beats, sexy booty IDM and dirty techno went beyond typical contemporary genre boundaries. With the beginning of the new decade, Phon.o started working on new songs and remixes and also became a resident DJ for Berlins best Club – the WMF. He made more than 10 releases in the last 5 years, the last being “Afterglow” (Tectonic 092, 2016). Phon.o deals fire and burns down the town around the world – Europe, Asia, America – back and forth.