The duo made up of Valentina Criscimanni and Sergio Ferrari was born in Rome in 2010. After several years, mostly dedicated to live music, they released their first EP “Turtle Bubble” in 2013. It is the result of an exploratory trip of moods and imaginative atmosphere, printed in vinyl and digital download through collaboration of the “Brotherhood”, a group of friends and people who have contributed financially and organizationally to the production. In 2013 Orange8 left the hometown Rome and, touring in Italy and in Europe, started to record a new album with guests they met along the way. In December of the following year they released the first 4 songs in “Hobo Session # 1” EP. From 2015 they started collaborating with Fabrizio Greco and his label SceneMusic Records and together they worked on the entire album “Let the Forest Sing”, released on 7th October 2016.

ORANGE8 is a mixture of a variety genres and a result of their research and adventurous journey through different musical worlds. Sergio is a multi-instrumentalist who manages, in addition to the basic instrument (classical and electric guitar), a colorful array of different instruments (harmonium, synth, kalimba …), Valentina (acoustic guitar, vocals), upgrades the entire musical atmosphere with hypnotic vocals.
ORANGE8 performed twice in Slovenia – both times in Mink, Tolmin. This time we have the opportunity to check how their sound blends with the natural surroundings of Sotočje.

Valentina Criscimanni: vocal, guitars
Sergio Ferrari: vocal, guitars

WEB: Orange 8