Flavio Zanuttini is a good lead trumpet and a good improviser playing in many different bands all over Europe. With his new trio “Opacipapa” (Flavio Zanuttini: trumpet and compositions; Piero Bittolo Bon: alto sax and Marco D’Orlando: drums), all under the coin: Piano less bass less everything less, he wants to blend these two such different personalities of him: radical impro and big band swing.
His compositions have the impact of a Big Band but reduced to a trio with a great versatility being without bass and harmonic instrument. The listeners are taken from extreme swinging moments of free improvisation being constantly tickled by the music. The cuteness of these compositions are coloured by the limitless approach of the musicians concerning dynamics, harmony, melody and tone.

Flavio Zanuttini – tromba

Piero Bittolo Bon – sax

Marco D’Orlando – batteria

WEB: Opacipapa