The title of Najoua’s album released last year „Tojevsekarsespomnim“ (»Thisisalliemember«) tells us in a simple and straightforward matter how this duo confronts with music. Thanks to their relaxed and open-minded view (at first on Slovenian and afterwards on African musical traditions) Samo and Ana use eleven kalimbas to create a dynamic improvisational music. Their live performances usually take the form of repeated rhythmical phrases that drive listeners into meditative soundscapes and then, with the use of more diverting and playful ideas, bring them back into the cheerful embrace of kalimba tines. Najoua’s live show will offer us playful acoustic discoveries with a hint of folk melodies where words can be left unspoken.

Najoua: Tojevsekarsespomnim (Klopotec, 2012)

Ana Kravanja: kalimbas
Samo Kutin: kalimbas

WEB: Najoua