MIA ZABELKA solo „Project M“ (Aut)

Due to her participation in various projects, numerous musical environments, situations and often also in multimedia acts, Austrian avant-garde musician Mia Zabelka has developed into a diverse and experienced artist. Therefore her reputation of one of the most original violin players in the world players should come as no surprise. Music critics often compare her to names such as Laurie Anderson, Jon Rose and others who participated with Mia in the past: John Zorn, David Moss, Phil Wachsman, Alvin Curran, Pauline Oliveros, Lukas Ligeti, Franz Hautzinger, Martin Siewert, Phil Minton, Shelley Hirsch, Al Margeolis, Eliot Sharp, Francis Marie Uitti, Joelle Leandre, Cremaster, Dälek and, last but not least, with Lydia Lunch, who will share the stage with her at Sajeta this year.
Mia earned her academic degree in music, but her views remain wide open and always reveal a lens of a perfectionist. She herself comments:
„I do not understand crossover as a constructed mergence of different musical styles. Various musical genres that interest me, from classical music, to free improvised and electronic music, punk, jazz to heavy metal are filtered by me, through my body. From this concentrate I can then create a new language, my very own specific way of expression“. (Mia Zabelka)
At this year’s Sajeta she will present her solo project entitled simply “M”. This sound concept was recorded in 2011 on her album “M” released at Monotype Records, an excellent Polish label. Tadej Stolić (Radio Student) has written about the album:
„The consequence is an authentic musical trail of a musician who has been ceaselessly exploring the sound limits of her electrical violin and her effects that allow her to create colorful manipulations and to occasionally approach the unrecognizable. On the opposite side she places herself as her own bodily sonority which she perceives as beyond the bare human voice; the body as the object of sonority. She is therefore constantly in counterpoint with respect to the artifact (her violin) as a determined sequence of live electronics, a part of a sound image never really under control. Her picture of a perfect sonority is thus possible only in contact with the bodily, with herself, with a perfectly determined and controlled acoustic reality.
An independent and partially improvised form “Project M” covers all the artistic views and goals that Mia Zabelka has been striving for in the past several years. For her show at Sajeta she will create all of her soundscape by herself (electrical violin, live electronics, and vocals). Mia will hence present herself in a different light, free from all limitations and help usually caused by the interaction with other musicians.

  • Trio Blurb – Maggie Nicols, John Russell, Mia Zabelka; (Extraplatte, 2013)
  • Mia Zabelka Trio: Weird tales and elegant motion; (Monotype Record, 2012)
  • Mia Zabelka solo: M; (Monotype Record, 2011)
  • Mia’s Factory with DJ Still, I-Wolf, Zahra Mani, Electric Indigo, Dorit Chrysler, Tina Frank
    Trost; (Delphy Entertainment Rekords, 2008)
  • “Es spielt mich–die musik der mia zabelka”. A film by Ulrike Schmitzer und Matthias Widter
    (Raum.film Filmproduktion DVD, 2008)
  • Embodiment Mia Zabelka One.Night.Band; (Extraplatte, 2007)
  • Post Paradise Mia Zabelka One.Night.Band; (Angellab, 2004)
  • Panta Rhei (Angellab, 2003)
  • Angels als Pilots (Angellab, 2000)
  • Extrajazz 95/96 und The Music of Extraplatte; (Extraplatte, 1996)
  • Possible Fruit – with John Zorn, David Moss, Jone Rose, Ferdinand Richard, Peter Holliger,
    Fritz Novotny, u.a.; (Extraplatte, 1993)
  • Brennpunkte (Ed. Michael Frauenlob Bauer, 1991)
  • Bewegte Töne – Klangskulptur; (ED. 235 Media CD, 1989)
  • M.Z. and Acting Aeven: Babel; (Viennola LP, 1989)
  • Elektronische Musik. 2. Tonband und … Sandstrahlentrost; (Amadeo, 1988)
  • Somateme – Körperklänge; (Ed. RZ, Teldec, 1987

Mia Zabelka: violin, vocals, live electronics

WEB: Mia Zabelka