Mia Zabelka and Philippe Petit’s duo performances and compositions address in a broad sense the concrete and flowing materiality of sound.
Zabelka’s unique performance language, which combines and grows out of her body, electric violin, voice and electronics, is expanded and enriched by Petit’s electronic musical language, which weaves sound particles through Zabelka’s performance, creating an organic, shifting, moving musical exchange, with Petit’s soundscapes seeking and drawing out the lyricism of abstract sound in the samples she records herself, combining voices, everyday noise, and instrumental music.
Zabelka and Petit’s performances are based on compositions that leave space for the duo’s spontaneous interaction on stage at a given moment, responding to each other and the performance space in a constantly evolving process, playing with silence and sound as related entities rather than opposites.
Their creative process and music is a permanent dance between sounding and remaining silent, movement and inertia, at the threshold between activity and passivity, expression and reception, playing and listening, between their own individual voices and their common sound.
Mia Zabelka _ E-Violin, Voice, Electronics, Laptop
Philippe Petit – Turntables, Live-Electronics

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