Photo by Goran Jevtić @Sajeta

Marko Brdnik and Uroš Rakovec are solists, chamber and studio musicians. Both together and apart, they perform at various Slovenian and international avant-rock, jazz, ethno-jazz and other casts that won many musical awards. Together and apart, they produce theatre and film music.Together, as a duo of accordion and guitar, they made the album »Leta« (»Years«), which has a distinctive sound and has received many postitive critics. Mario Batelić said for Radio Student: »For crossgenre sound travel lovers, this album – despite coming from well known musicians – is no doubt a surprise of the year.« Brdnik and Rakovec succeed at avoiding familiar stereotipes we are used to from bands which have important roles for accordion and guitar.For this year concert series, Marko Lasič joins the group. As a drummer and percussionist, Lasič took part at band Avtomobili and crossgennre music groups Trus!, The Puzzled and Brdonč Trans Trio. He was educated by musicians Zlatko Kaučič, Reggie Workman, Evan Parker and Giovanni Maier. He performs at Kombo by Zlatko Kaučič, at Orkester brez meja /Orchestra senza confini (Orchestra without borders), Electric Violet or Elastic Man and other impro music formations.