MARKO A. KOVAČIČ (Slo) – Scenography

He was born on October 13, 1956, in Ljubljana. He graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, specializing in sculpture (1988). He was a member of the Ana Monro Theatre (1981–1991), as well as a member of the groups R IRWIN S (1983–1985) and Zlati kastrioti (from 2000 onwards). As a self-employed artist, he works on performances, sculptures, installations, video art, film, and theatre.
He has been preparing solo exhibitions since 1983. He has held 59 solo exhibitions in Slovenia and elsewhere, prepared 43 performances, finished 14 video projects and 4 short films. He participated at numerous group and international exhibitions and festivals.

For his work he received the Golden Bird Award (Zlata ptica) in 1987 and the Zupančič Award of the Municipality of Ljubljana in 1994. His project The Civilization of the Plastos was chosen as the project of the month (February, 2003) and was presented on the web site of the International Contemporary Art Network (ICAN) which is based in Amsterdam.