LYDIA LUNCH solo: Dust and shadows (Usa)

Lydia Lunch, an internationally recognized icon of non-conformist views, began refusing anything formal already back in 1976 when she was among the first to start discovering the emerging musical esthetics of new-wave in New York. Today she is an independent musical artist creating also in the realms of literature, film, and photography for more than three decades all over the world. Beside her musical shows, her educational efforts are also becoming widely acclaimed. In various workshops at universities, museums and festivals, she continues to explore the limits of new media through which she shows her distinctive passion for creativity. In the New York Timeout, she was recently described as one of the most influential (New York-born) performative artists. This is also evident from her important collaborations with Sonic Youth, Nick Cave, Karen Finley, Richard Kern, and Hubert Selby Jr.
The multimeda project „Dust and shadows” started in 2012 as a result of collaboration between Lydia Lunch and a versatile video artist, director, VJ and photographer Elise Passavant. Loss, anger, vengeance and survival are the themes depicted by the unique combination of Lydia’s word textures, projections, and sound set. It is the video projection that attributes the desired poetics to the dark sound core into which Lydia blends vocally and bodily through her expressive stage performance.
For the last eight years, Lydia has been living and working in Barcelona and searching for inspiration in numerous abandoned places in the middle of the Spanish desert. She visited several locations in the Spanish province of Soria with Elise between December 2011 and August 2012 in order to portrait the dark beauty of various remnants of the Spanish Civil War. The outcome of these travels is “Dust and shadows” which will be performed at the forthcoming Sajeta.

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Lydia Lunch: vocals