One experiences similar trouble when trying to translate a Czech word »Litošt« and when trying to designate the music this trio creates. This fusion of members’ individual experience from various past and active projects, ranging from free jazz and garage synth-rock to post-metal, widens the sound dimensions of their musical expression. Therefore in their music anyone can find elements of free improvisation with analog and digital electronics that merge with meticulously structured odd-beat rhythm matrices with a considerable substrate. The most important thing, however, is that the trio performs entirely live and consequently their instruments are only the means to achieve the desired sonority which can be witnessed during their energetic live shows. Or in the words of Peter Recer (Radio Student):
„Litošt keep an open and improvisational approach towards music, but at the same time succeed in creating a tight and congested sound image. Their sound is at the crossroads of jazz, esotheric rock, ambient music and deep dub. At the same time their electronic manipulations have a futuristic flavor, where the beeping sounds of Boštjan Simon’s keyboards do not lag behind.

Discography: Litošt: Litošt (self-published, 2013)

Vitja Balžalorsky: Moog Slim Phatty / Arturia MiniBrute/Moogerfoogers / Abletone Live
Boštjan Simon: Casio CZ-101/DSI Evolver/Korg Poly800/MAX MSP/Liza
Bojan Krhlanko: drums/objects
Jaka Gale-Gredoč: Soundmix/FX