Link Der Wasser is a Slovene band coming from a small town of Deskle in the region of Posočje (north-western Slovenia). The group was formed in the second half of the 1980’s and already in its early times gained attention by creating a unique, original music that transcended the genre conventions of that time. The boys have since then shown heaps of creativity in their own musical language which reached the pinnacle with two consecutive appearances at the back then renowned festival Novi Rock (1994 and 1995). Apart from that the group was regularly playing at events of the Slovenian and Italian club scene. In 1993, they published their first tape (Link Der Wasser ’89-93′, self-published). Later they joined forces with Ksenija Jus and published a record entitled Xenia & Link Der Wasser (Panika records).
The music of Link Der Wasser encompasses influences of a variety of genres: blues, hard-rock, jazz, punk, and hardcore to name a few. However, their artistic expression was probably most significantly influenced by their environment; a small, provincial industrial town where the existence of the majority of the population depends on the nearby concrete factory and its derivatives. Even though the band itself has stopped their musical endeavours in 1997, its members remained active in the musical business. The bassist Romildo Kumar and the guitarist Aleš Valentinčič have until 2003 collaborated in an electronic experimental duo Harlem Underground and gave a show at Sajeta as well.
Link Der Wasser are back in 2014! Their first show after almost twenty years featuring guest musicians and contemporary sounds will happen at Sajeta 2015.

Link Der Wasser (still) are:

Aleš Valentinčič Brdonč – guitars
Simon Okroglič – drums
Romildo Kumar – bass/electronics